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.icu Domain Name Registration

.ICU domain for anyone looking to build a memorable online presence

Looking to start strong online?

.ICU is short for “I See You”. Whether you’re a tech startup or a personal brand, .icu lets you boost your online visibility. It’s short and quirky, making it easier for your target audience to remember and search for you online.

Already have a .com domain? Protect your trademark rights by registering the equivalent .ICU domain.

Establish online credibility with a .ICU domain name. Register yours today with Crazy Domains – your most trusted partner in domain registrations.

  • .ICU is ideal for anyone who wants to build a memorable online presence.
  • Are you a tech startup? Look innovative and credible online with a .ICU domain name.
  • .ICU gives you the flexibility to get creative with your name to the left of the dot.
  • Leverage .ICU domain to boost your online visibility by using the established hashtags #icu and #iculive.