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How Does Web Design Work

Your order will go through these stages:

  1. After ordering through our website you will receive an email with a link to the creative brief.
  2. Once we receive the creative brief, the project will be assigned to the Designers depending on the plan that you have.
  3. We will provide you a jpg file showing the concept we have created for the homepage of your website.
  4. You can make a revision comment for it or decide to finalise.
  5. If you decide to finalise, we will then set up the domain name you have purchased on the server.
  6. Once the website is built on the server, you can check through the pages and the full functionality of the website.
  7. From there you can also place the main text of the website and the images in the gallery of the site through the Page Editor.

Once this process is complete, you will have a working website.

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