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How To Create an Addon Domain

After signing up for a hosting account and registering a domain name with us, you can use the Addon Domain feature to host multiple domains without needing a separate account. This allows you to have distinct and functional websites all in one place. Keep reading to learn the steps for setting up an Addon Domain via cPanel.

  • This guide is for Linux Web Hosting plans using cPanel. If you have a Windows Hosting product, refer to the guide for Creating an Addon Domain in Plesk.
  • The Addon Domains feature is available only if your plan supports hosting more than one website. It is not available for Economy Web Hosting plans.


Creating an Addon Domain via cPanel

  1. Log in to your cPanel.
  2. Scroll down the Domains section, and then click Domains.
    Screenshot of CD cPanel Domains Icon
  3. Click Create A New Domain button.
    Screenshot of CD cPanel Create a New Domains Button
  4. In the Domain box, enter the addon domain you want to create.
    Screenshot of CD cPanel Enter Addon Domain Box
  5. Uncheck the ☐ Share document root option.
    Screenshot of CD cPanel Addon Domain Document Root and Subdomain Field

    This will automatically set the document root to /public_html/ and fill in the Subdomain field. It is recommended to leave these settings as they are.

  6. Click Submit to save the addon domain. If you want to add another domain immediately, click Submit and Create Another.


 After completing these steps, your newly created addon domain should appear in the list on the cPanel Domains page.   

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