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How To Reset My Email Password in Plesk

Mail accounts are created through the Windows hosting manager. If you can no longer remember the code or Email Password that is associated with your email address, or if you feel that it has been compromised, you can reset or update it easily through Plesk.

Follow the steps below to reset or update your Email Password in Plesk:

  1. Access your Hosting Manager.
  2. Click Mail from the left-side menu.
  3. Click on the Email address that you wish to manage from the Email Addresses tab.
  4. Under the General tab, enter your new Password in the field provided.
    Be sure to create a strong password. A password strength indicator will appear beside the field as soon as you start typing.
    You can hover on the [ ? ] symbol for tips on how to strengthen your Email Password, or you can click on the Generate button below it to use a unique, system-generated password.

    IMPORTANT: If the system-generated password is used, click the Show button and ensure that you have actually saved the password in a safe and easy to recall place that only you can access.

  5. Re-enter your password in the Confirm password field.
    This is automatically completed for system-generated password options.
  6. Click OK to save.

You have just reset your Email Password in Plesk.


IMPORTANT: Make sure that you also change the password to the email client (e.g., Outlook) connected to the Mail Account with the new password, so you'll be able to receive emails there as well. You are only given a certain number of attempts, to avoid getting locked out from your account. Once you've reached the maximum number of attempts, your IP will be blocked. If you wish to change your password, you will have to update the email password on all your devices as soon as possible. For any questions, or assistance about resetting your email password, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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