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Paying Reseller Credit and Commission

Once you start processing sales, you will begin to receive commission and your account will accumulate Reseller credit.

To withdraw your money, you will need to either connect a Bank Account or a PayPal Merchant Account.

Here is how you can Withdraw Credit from your Reseller Account:

  1. Using your chosen browser, navigate to the following address: http://www.secureapi.com.au/reseller
  2. Enter your Reseller Account username and password and click Log In.
  3. At the upper right hand of the page, click WITHDRAWAL, beside DEPOSIT. The same option is also found under the Finances tab.
  4. On the WITHDRAWAL page, click on the WITHDRAW tab.


    Click on the HISTORY tab if you wish to view your previous transactions.

  5. Under Type, select one of the following options:
    • Select Single Payment to manually process a single withdrawal transaction with a specific amount not below $500 USD. Set the value in the box provided.
    • Select Single Payment (All Earnings) to manually process a single withdrawal transaction of all current earnings.
    • Select Automatic Payment to set the system-generated withdrawal processing, which is done automatically at the end of each month.

    The minimum amount per withdrawal transaction is $500 USD and the cut-off for withdrawal/payout transactions is every last day of the month. Our accounts department will process all requests received at the end of the month and this may take us up to 7 working days. You should also factor in interbank processing delays of up to 12 days.

  6. Under Pay To, choose between Bank Account or PayPal, and enter the required details.
  7. Once done, click Submit Request.

Congratulations! You just successfully added credit to your Reseller Account.

Note: The Paypal option for processing withdrawals is still on its way. Please stay tuned for more updates.

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