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SEO vs Traffic Booster

Depending on your business needs, any of our SEO products can be right for you. All these products help in improving the search result performance of your website. However, there is a difference in how the products work. Let us take you through it.

SEO (Self-managed)

The SEO tool gives an insight into how to improve your website’s traffic. It analyses all SEO-related factors of your website and provides customised action. It factors your website’s performance on popular search engines and checks how effective your current SEO strategy is.

It also helps you target pages and keywords that have the highest chance of increasing your online presence. The tool doesn’t just analyse your website; it also looks at your competitor’s websites to help you identify problem areas and provides an action plan for you to overcome them.

To use this tool, you need to input the keyword/keywords which you want to target along with the URL of your website.

Health checks are also available to let you know of any critical issues like broken links, duplicate meta tags, and so on.

You’ll also receive a list of specific actions to perform. These actions will range from brand marketing, content creation to web and mobile development.

The list of actions will be based on the time and difficulty of execution. You can choose to work on any or all the actions as you see fit. The action plans that you will receive cover both on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.

You don’t need to worry about how to carry out these actions, because each action will be supported by how-to guides and step-by-step instructions to make your execution easy.

Managed SEO

Under this plan, we take action on your behalf to improve the traffic to your website. A dedicated SEO specialist will be assigned to help you gain more organic traffic to your site. You don’t need to spend hours improving your website; we’ll do it for you.

Our Managed SEO service is entirely transparent, and we take you through every process. The SEO specialist will use data and their expertise in identifying the problematic areas on your website and will find a solution. Simply call us and let us know your needs.

Once we understand your requirements, we will analyse your website and do our research to understand which keywords need to be targeted. We’ll also study the competition, approximately the top 120 websites which are in competition with you, and generate a plan.

Next, we complete the SEO implementation on your behalf based on our expertise and your requirements. The SEO implementation will include health checks, SEO actions, as well as performance actions.

Finally, you will receive a detailed report which sets out the ranking and performance of your website so that you can measure the results. There are three Managed SEO plans for you to choose as per your requirement. SEO license is included under all three plans.

Traffic Booster

Traffic Booster is a solution that helps your website rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This helps your website traffic in a variety of ways. But it primarily submits your site to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your site also gets promoted to up to 80 directories. This increases your website’s search rankings and an overall improvement to your site’s SEO. Furthermore, it’s effortless to use, and the instructions are designed for someone with no prior experience.

However, unlike the Managed SEO product, using the Traffic Booster does not guarantee an improvement in organic traffic.

The Traffic Booster works by scanning your website for several SEO factors and policies. This includes page titles, keywords, broken links, and website ranking. Once the scanning is complete, Traffic Booster generates a comprehensive report which tells you how your website can improve. The report includes your website ranking, top referring keywords, link building profile, and indexed page information.

Traffic Booster tells you which keywords to target for maximum optimisation. When your pages return errors, it identifies them and guides you in fixing the problem. It also builds meta tags which are crucial for SEO performance.

Once this is done, you can ‘submit’ your website through Traffic Booster to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, along with popular online directories. Traffic Booster updates itself, so you can be assured that the latest tools, directories, and search listings are applied to your account.


We hope this guide helps you in your understanding of our services. If you’re still unclear about any feature, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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