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Simple SEO, Traffic Booster, and Business Directory

Simple SEO, Traffic Booster, and Business Directory are all platforms that work together to help you improve your website’s online presence. But it would still depend on your business needs. In this article, we define each tool and breakdown each feature that will help you to optimise, boost and highlight your business online traffic.

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Simple SEO

Simple SEO is a tool to help you on how to improve your website’s traffic. This tool analyses all SEO factors related to your website and provides customised action. It factors your website’s performance on popular search engines and checks how effective your current SEO strategy is.

Using this information, the Simple SEO tool helps you target pages and keywords which have the highest chance of increasing your online presence.

To use this tool, first you need to input the keywords that you want to target together with the URL of your website.

Follow the steps in this article to learn How To Set Up Your SEO Settings.

The SEO tool will check the health of your website, and let you know of any critical issues that you need to deal with right away such as broken links, duplicate meta tags, and so on.

Next, you will receive a list of specific actions for you to perform. These actions will range from brand marketing, content creation to web and mobile development.

The list of actions will be based on the time and difficulty of execution. You can choose to work on any or all of the actions as you see fit. The action plans which you will receive, cover both on-page optimisation as well as off-page optimisation.

You don’t need to worry about how to carry out these actions, because each action will be supported by how-to guides and step-by-step instructions to make your execution easy.


Traffic Booster

Now, let’s talk about Traffic Booster. What are the things you need to consider before using this tool? Compared to Simple SEO, or Managed SEO. Traffic Booster doesn’t guarantee an improvement in organic traffic.

How it works is that the tool will submit your site information to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your site gets promoted to upwards of 80 directories. Your website’s search rankings and visibility increase and the SEO of your site is improved. Further, it’s effortless to use, and the instructions are designed to be followed by someone with no prior experience.

The Traffic Booster checks your website for several SEO factors and policies. This includes broken links, broken images. Once the check is complete, Traffic Booster generates a comprehensive result which tells you the total links available on your website and details on which areas you can improve. The result will also include details about broken links and broken images and instructions on how you can fix them.

After checking your website for any broken links, we recommend to optimise your site content pages and keywords making it easier for search engines to discover your website. See the full guide in this article about Getting Started With Traffic Booster.


Business Directory

Our Business Directory tool lists your website information to offline and online directories such as Google My Business, Google Maps, Facebook, etc.

Business Directory tool works the same as Traffic Booster but only differs on the information needed to boost your website rankings online.

The tool will ask you to set your business information like, name and location, payment option, contact details, business hours, logo & images, description, and attributes. As you go through each setting, you have the option to choose keywords and options that are relatable and best suited to your business information.

Once you’ve submitted all the information, the Business Directory tool will submit it to the directories mentioned above. You can view the results on your Business Directory page. Or you can read the full guide to learn How To Set Up Your Business Directory Settings.

If you still have any questions about the features or our services, please contact us for further assistance. We’d love to help you.

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