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What Is Domain Lock

A Domain Lock or a Registrar Lock prevents unauthorised third parties from transferring your domain to another Registrar. Crazy Domains and most Registrars provide this feature to give Domain Names extra protection.

When your domain is Unlocked, third parties may try to transfer your Domain Name or misdirect your domain’s Name Server without your permission. To prevent these unsolicited changes, make sure to keep your domain Locked.

However, if you want to transfer your Domain Name to Crazy Domains, make sure to Unlock your domain from your current Registrar and submit a Transfer Request to us by clicking here.

How to Turn On/Off Domain Lock

You can Lock or Unlock your domain any time through your Account Manager.

To get started, refer to the guide below:

Domain Lock Isn’t Working

Here are some of the possible reasons your Domain Lock isn’t working:

  • It is within the 60-day lock in period of a new domain registration.
  • It is within the 60-day lock in period of a newly transferred domain.
  • The Registrant has breached the policies set by either the Registrar or the Registry.
  • The domain is involved in a domain dispute case.
  • The registrant has been flagged for using the domain for spamming purposes or cybersquatting.

In which case, you may contact us so we can investigate and take the necessary steps.

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