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Why Can't I Upload More Files to Website Builder

Website Builder plans are configured with a specific storage quota for all uploaded content. This includes text content and any other media, like images and videos. The storage quota is put in place to maintain fast and reliable response times for all websites created with the Website Builder platform.

If you are no longer able to upload more files into Website Builder, it is most likely because you have already reached the limit for your storage quota.

The best way you can maximise your upload storage quota is to resize images and avoid uploading huge file sizes.

Yes, we want to upload images with the best resolution for our visitors, and this requires that we upload huge file sizes per image. However, once someone visits your site, the resolution will still depend on the device they are using, not on the resolution you uploaded it with. Uploading high-resolution images will not only run the risk of eating up your storage, but also the possibility of not appearing on your visitor's end if they have poor internet connection.

The recommended resolution for web images is 72 pixels per inch. You can use free online tools to resize your images so you can upload more files.

Should you require any further assistance with your Website Builder website builder, please do contact our 24/7 customer support team.

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