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Getting Started: OMH Bundle

We know online marketing can be a challenging route to promote your business. Competition among brands and getting to the top of search engine results can be intimidating, especially if you’re new and unfamiliar with optimising your website.

Crazy Domains has launched three Online Marketing Hub (OMH) Bundles with different inclusive tools that are suitable for your business needs. These bundles are not only for newly registered domains but also highly recommended for existing domain owners who want to see online growth for their business and reach milestones in leveraging their online presence.

This article will answer basic questions about our OMH Bundles to give you a headstart. We'll be here to guide you from understanding what OMH Bundle is, to why you should purchase OMH Bundle and which bundle is best for you, down to learning how to set up the tools in these bundles.

What Is an OMH Bundle

OMH Bundle is a service we offer here in Crazy Domains to help you increase traffic and guide you to get your site appear on top search engine results. These bundles include a set of tools that are composed of our online marketing tools – Simple SEO, Traffic Booster, and Business Directory.

The goal of this service is for you to have selections services that you can use and enjoy to leverage traffic, attract your target audience, help you sell and grow business online— all in one bundle. We offer three OMH bundles; click on the corresponding link below to learn more about:

Each bundle is well-thought-out to make sure we target areas in managing your site to deliver best results in both online and offline marketing.

Why Purchase OMH Bundle

We want you to enjoy the benefit of having straightforward tools that are grouped in bundles and complements each other to help you optimise your site – in a cost-efficient way.

What Is the Best Bundle for Your Business

It can be confusing to choose which bundles is the most suited and best option for you. Don’t fret, because in this section of the article, we’ll help you understand and define each bundle to help you decide which one is the perfect match for your business profile.

Full Traffic Online Bundle

Full Traffic Online Bundle is your all-in-one package for online and offline traffic for your site. What you’ll get: Simple SEO (basic plan), Traffic Booster, and Business Directory (basic plan).

These tools work together in improving your online visibility through optimisation, as they submit your business information to online search engines and online directories – including GPS applications which also helps set foot traffic for offline target audience.

Sounds like a good deal? If these are the areas you want to improve on for your site then this bundle is for you. You can check out more information about Full Traffic Online Bundle bundle in this link.

Online Traffic Bundle

Online Traffic Bundle focuses on boosting your online presence mainly through optimising your website and improving online traffic through these tools: Simple SEO (basic plan) and Traffic Booster.

If you want to increase traffic on your website organically, this bundle is best for you. The set of tools in this bundle will help you analyse and provide solutions on how to fix broken links, improve content, fix broken images, among others.

Online and Offline Traffic Bundle

If you want to target both sides of marketing – online and offline traffic — for your business products or services, Online & Offline is the go-to traffic bundle for you.

In this bundle, you can access and use our Simple SEO (basic plan) to optimise and fine tune your website and improve your site’s online visibility. Also promote your business, by using our Business Directory (basic plan) - this tool helps you submit your business information to online directories like Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, and to GPS applications, Google Maps, Waze, etc. This not only increases the traffic online but also sets foot traffic and target audience who wants to navigate and locate your business globally or locally.

In summary, here are the inclusions for each bundle: (list the tools included for each bundle)

Full Traffic Online Bundle

  • Simple SEO (basic plan)
  • Traffic Booster
  • Business Directory (basic plan)

Online Traffic Bundle

  • Simple SEO (basic plan)
  • Traffic Booster

Online and Offline Traffic Bundle

  • Simple SEO (basic plan)
  • Business Directory (basic plan)

How to Connect Domain to an OMH Bundle

Setting your OMH bundle to your domain is easy. Follow the instructions in these guides to learn how:

If you have clarifications or questions regarding these bundles, please let us know or contact our support team for assistance.

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