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How to Set up Your SEO Settings

Your SEO Settings is the first thing you want to configure when managing your website’s optimisation. The SEO Settings will also be the base information of your Actions that you’ll implement as you go through each phase in optimising your website with our Simple SEO tool.

How to Set up Your SEO Settings

Once you’ve purchased an SEO plan, you can set up your project within the Online Marketing Hub using the steps below:

Step 1. Log In to the Online Marketing Hub.
Step 2. Click the Open button on Business Profile Progress.
Business profile progress to access seo simple settings
If you don't have Business Directory activated, tab showing at the top menu bar on the Business Profile page.
Business Profile progress page showing simple seo settings
Step 3. Under Setup your Project, enter your Industry Sector and Ranking Data Source. You may refer to the image and description below:
seo settings set up seo project step 3
Industry Sector Enter a sector that best represents your business in the field provided.
Ranking Data Source Select the search engine to retrieve data from.
Once the SEO tool has retrieved the data for your website, the option you choose will remain fixed.
Step 4. Under Landing Pages and Keywords, enter your URL and Keywords, then click Save. You may refer to the image and description below:
Set up SEO Settings step 4
URL Enter your top-level website address, e.g. https://mydomain.com
Keywords Enter the keywords that you wish to rank for.

Note: The allowed of keywords you can use to index for your website depends on the type of Simple SEO plan you purchase. Please see the table below for reference:

Type of Simple SEO plan Allowed Keyword Index
Basic 1 Keyword
Premium 2 Keywords
Ultimate 5 Keywords
Step 5. Under Project Hours, choose the minimum hours you can work on your SEO project. You may refer to the image and description below:
Set up SEO Settings step 5
Project Hours Determine the minimum number of hours you need to dedicate monthly for your business, then enter the number in the Project Hours field.

Your SEO Settings is now set up. Allow up to 30 minutes for the system to evaluate your website and conduct a health check and performance check that you can do to start optimising your website. Then you can proceed with the next step by adding Action Plan on the Simple SEO page.

next phase add action plan on simple seo page

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or if you have any questions in setting up your SEO Settings.

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