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How to Use Different PHP Versions

When you set up a website or any other project in your Web Hosting, the system automatically chooses a default PHP version for you to use. However, if you need to switch to another PHP version for a particular project, you can modify your current PHP version via your Hosting Manager. In this article, we’ll guide you the steps on how to use and change different PHP versions and what can you do when you can’t change it.

Currently, the PHP versions available for you to use are the following:

  • PHP Version 4.4
  • PHP Version 5.1
  • PHP Version 5.2
  • PHP Version 5.3
  • PHP Version 5.4
  • PHP Version 5.5
  • PHP Version 5.6
  • PHP Version 7.0
  • PHP Version 7.1
  • PHP Version 7.2
  • PHP Version 7.3
  • PHP Version 7.4
  • PHP Version 8.0

Note: You cannot run multiple PHP versions on one hosting account. You can only enable one PHP version at a time.

How to Use Different PHP Versions

To switch your PHP version via your Hosting Manager, follow the steps below: Access your Hosting Manager.

Step 1. Access your Hosting Manager.
Step 2. Scroll down to the Software tab, then click the Select PHP Version option.
select PHP Version option in cPanel via Hosting Manager
Step 3. On the PHP Selector page, choose the PHP Version you want from the drop-down menu.
drop-down menu to choose PHP version

Changes will be real time. You can see the current PHP version you are using on the same page.

Important: We recommend to update and use the latest version of PHP. Each PHP version only gets full support for three years after its initial stable release, which means older versions may no longer be supported. Using unsupported older versions may expose you to security vulnerabilities.

You can view your PHP version and all information on your phpinfo page. Follow the steps in this guide to learn How to Create and View phpinfo page.

What to Do If You Can't Change the PHP Version?

If you get an error when you try to change the PHP version or you cannot locate the Select PHP Version button please contact our 24/7 technical support so we can transfer you to a server with a choice of PHP versions enabled. Note that transferring your account will not cause downtime on your website.

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