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Getting started guide:SEO & Managed SEO Tool

Once your website is live, the next best step to do is to optimise it to help your website get better online visibility and boost your rankings in search engines. This guide will help you where and how to start in optimising your website using Crazy Domains SEO tool.

Table of Contents

  1. The SEO Terms
  2. Our SEO & Managed SEO Tool
  3. Get started with SEO
    1. How to Access the SEO Tool
    2. How to Set up an SEO Project
    3. How to Build an SEO Action Plan
    4. How to Implement SEO Action Plan
  4. How to Manage SEO Health Check Results

The SEO Terms

Before getting into the how to’s guide. We recommend getting yourself familiar with the terms used in SEO in our SEO Glossary. You might wanna bookmark these links as you go along optimising your website.

Our SEO & Managed SEO Tool

Crazy Domains has two options you can opt to use in optimising your website - Simple SEO and Managed SEO. You can visit this linked guide below to give you insights in comparison between:

If you’ve opted for our Managed SEO, our dedicated SEO Team will help you implement your SEO Action Plans for you and keep you in the loop for your website’s ranking and performance. Here’s what you need to expect from our SEO Team:

Get Started with SEO Tool

Your SEO Tool will have the key features to help you achieve your goal in getting your website a better online visibility. And boosting your rank in search engines.

Follow these linked guides below to get you started in optimising your website.

How to Manage SEO Health Check Results

Your SEO Tool allows you to manage and track your website rankings and performance. Click the linked guide below how to access it.

If you opt for Managed SEO, we recommend to contact our dedicated SEO Team to keep you updated with your website rankings and results.

You’re all set! Feel free to contact us for any further assistance or any questions. We’d love to help!

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