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Updating the Hosting FTP Password in Plesk

An FTP password that is not secured, can compromise the confidentiality of your data. With data stored virtually, an account could be susceptible to hacking if you choose a weak password. In case your password is not a strong one, please consider changing it now.

Updating the Hosting FTP Password in Plesk

You can update or reset your FTP password through the Plesk panel for Windows Web Hosting, by following the steps below:

  1. Access your Hosting Manager.
  2. Click Websites & Domains from the left-side menu.
  3. Click the FTP Access icon from the options under your domain name.
    If you can't find the icon, click the [ v ] Show More option.
  4. Click on the FTP Account Name that you wish to manage.
  5. Enter a New password and re-enter to Confirm password in the respective fields provided.
    Take note of the following tools in creating your password:
    The Strength Meter This will appear as soon as you start typing a password and will tell you if your password is weak or strong.
    Make sure to create a strong password.
    You can click on the (?) symbol beside the strength meter for tips.
    The Password Generator If you find it difficult to make a strong enough password, you can let the system create one for you by clicking on the Generate button. This will autofill the password fields.

    Note: Click the Show button to view your password and make sure that you have actually saved the generated password in a safe and easy-to-recall place.

  6. Click OK to save.

You just learned how to update your FTP password in Plesk. If you need assistance in updating your Hosting FTP password in Plesk, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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