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Uploading to Addon Domains in Plesk

Apart from ensuring that your Name Servers and DNS settings are correct, another very important thing to know is where to upload your website files. The files need to be in the right folder for your site to display properly.

If you're trying to upload website files for a second domain name or an Addon Domain through Plesk, then it has to be uploaded in the root folder or default home folder assigned by the system for it.

Default Home Folder

The path to the specific folder within your account will differ depending on whether it is the Main Domain, a Subdomain, or an Addon Domain. This table will help you understand how they work.

Domain Type URL Path File Structure
Main Domain homedirectory/httpdocs
Subdomain homedirectory/
Addon Domain homedirectory/

Locating the Default Home Folder for Addon Domains in Plesk

Follow the steps below to locate the file path for uploading website files to Addon Domains in Plesk:

  1. Click Sign Up / Log In at the top of this page.
  2. Select Hosting Manager from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your username and password, then click Log In.
  4. Click Files from the left-side menu.
    This will automatically take you to your Home directory.
  5. From the folders panel under Home directory, click on the folder that is named after your Addon Domain.
    For example, if your Addon Domain is, the folder should also be named

Congratulations! You've just located the Default Home Folder for Addon Domains in Plesk. This is where you will be uploading the files for your Addon Domain's website, for it to work properly.

Note: The steps above only work for Crazy Domains Windows Hosting. If you're trying to upload your files to a different hosting, kindly contact your hosting provider for specific instructions.

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