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What is an IPS tag?

An IPS tag stands for Internet Provider Security tag and is a sequence of numbers and/or letters used to identify specific registrars that registers domain names with the .uk ccTLD (country-code top level domain). This label was implemented by the UK registry Nominet to keep track of registration and transfers of .uk domain names.

Each registrar has its own unique IPS tag and uses it for every .uk domain name they register. When domain names with the .uk ccTLD is transferred from one registrar to another, the IPS tag of the old registrar associated with the said .uk domain name is replaced with the new registrar's IPS tag. Replacement or changing of IPS tags can only be done by current registrars and Nominet UK.

Important note: The term "IPS tag" has now been deemed obsolete by Nominet UK. They now use the terms "registrar tag" or simply the word "tag".

If you are searching for a specific registrar’s IPS tag, check out the Nominet Registar List here.

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