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What is domain name Redemption?

The registry sets the Redemption Period status for the domain name when all the renewal attempts fail and the registrant do not manually renew the domain name during the renewal grace period, which lasts 0-45 days, or if a registrar requests that the domain name be deleted from the registry and the domain has been registered for more than 5 calendar days (if the delete request is received within 5 days of initial domain registration it will instead be deleted immediately).

When the domain name is in this status, the domain can not be modified or purged, it can only be restored. Any other registrar requests to modify or update the domain will be rejected. The domain will be held in this status for a maximum of 30 calendar days, after that the registry will set the Pending Delete status of the domain name for 5 days, finally delete the domain name to make it available for anyone to register.

For more details on domain name Status Codes click here. To check the true status of the domain name, please use the WhoIs tool.

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