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What is Exchange Calendar?

There’s a heap of reasons why some organisations opt for Exchange. The probable reason is because of its collaborative features that accommodates various demands. Primarily, it is design for incoming, outgoing, saved, and drafted messages. However, its primary purpose is much more than messaging. Another primary feature includes Exchange Calendar.

As calendars are supposed to do, it lets you set reminders and note important events, etc. What makes it different, aside from being digital, is its capability to be synced on different platforms and on different users. If those reasons are not very convincing, here’s a list of what it’s like:

Basic Calendar Viewable weekly, monthly and daily.
Schedule Appointments and Meetings Schedule a meeting; set the time, date, place and the attendees; and add notes.
Modify or Cancel Appointments For changes, easily modify and cancel appointments.
Track Responses Attendees can accept or decline automatically from the invite sent.
Create Events Set recurring appointments by time, range and pattern.
Attach Files or Documents Add files and documents to your schedule.
Manage and Share Calendars You can open the calendar from different sources, save and create calendar groups, and share calendars to others.

Listed above are the highlights of Exchange Calendar, but its function is not limited thereto.

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