We’ve talked about increasing traffic to your website through paid advertising.

It helps you lead more people to your website. But it may not be a viable option for brands who are tight on the budget.

Want to save while still getting that traffic you desire? .

There are cost-effective ways you can use to skyrocket traffic and sales, and build your online reputation.

How to Direct Traffic to Your Site on a Tight Budget



People now rely on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to search for information or purchase products and services.

They help us find the best businesses, such as restaurants and cafes nearby by displaying them on SERP’s first page.

Wondering how search engines come up with those results?

That’s because of SEO.

SEO is the practice of boosting the quality and quantity your site’s traffic. This, by using different optimisation methods, such as keyword research, link-building, building SEO-friendly web design, etc.

Aside from giving you quality traffic, SEO offers various benefits as well.

Strengthen your digital marketing strategy

SEO is a vital tool in creating a successful digital marketing strategy. It boosts your search rankings for better online visibility, conversion rate and ROI.

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It also increases your competitiveness in the online market. With a comprehensive SEO plan in place, you have a higher chance to rise above the competition.

Enhance online credibility

With your website on SERP’s first page, you don’t only gain more attention. It gives users the impression that search engines find your website valuable and trustworthy. Thus, improving your online reputation and earning your customer’s trust.

Improve brand awareness

When users type “the best pizza in Melbourne” on their browser, they’ll most likely visit those brands that are on Google’s first page.

Let your website rank higher on search results. Create a well-planned SEO strategy and apply the right SEO techniques.

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Get better conversions

An SEO-optimised website is also built for better user experience. In result, visitors stay longer in your website, giving you higher chances to convert them into customers. With that, they’re more likely to stay loyal and even recommend your brand.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Search engines, like Google, favour web pages that offer quality content. Their algorithm is designed to let users see the best and most relevant content immediately.

Search engines care what people are actually searching online.

Google has a checklist on how to optimise your blog posts for better site traffic:

  • Write relevant topics
  • Create short by concise titles
  • Optimise blog images, such as using alt texts
  • Do link building or link to other websites in your niche
  • Provide meta titles and descriptions
  • Utilise H1 to H6 tags properly
  • Make your content readable and easy to digest

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Social Media

Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become cost-effective platforms for brands to grow their audience. In fact, 73% believe that it has effectively helped their business.

Take note of these best practices when doing social media marketing:

Don’t spread yourself too thin

It’s tempting to create accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, Medium, Flickr, LiveJournal, Reddit and Vimeo right away. This is a big no.

Remember, it’s better to do one social platform effectively than do fifteen badly.

Only use social media platforms that your target customers are most active on. Then focus on optimising them to promote your brand.


Just like in the SEO section of this article, you need to connect.

The idea that you can operate as the biggest, most famous brands in the world and just publish funny content only leads to frustration.

Reach out to other people – comment on their posts, share their content, and remember…

Be a human being, not a brand

That’s what it takes to promote your site for free. Remember that on social networks, people don’t connect with brands, they connect with personalities.

You can optimise everything, but if you act like a robot, people are going to treat you like one.

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Start planning

When planned properly, you can come up with a winning SEO strategy using those three ways above. You can increase your site’s traffic and save costs at the same time.

As soon as you’re satisfied with your cashflow, start investing in tools that will take your online marketing to the next level.

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