by James C.

January 1, 2016

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How a good logo design can better boost your business

They say to never judge a book by its cover. The uncomfortable truth is that most of us still make snap judgements on appearance.

It can't be said enough: appearances matter. When it comes to business, how you look is the most important element in boosting website traffic and driving sales.

Colour is Important

The psychology of colour is an essential consideration for any logo or website. From Coca-Cola's exciting, bold and youthful red logo, to the dependable and trustworthy blue logos of Wordpress and Twitter. Your brand's personality should match with the logo, if you find that your creative and imaginative brand's logo is telling customers something different, you may need to rethink it.

Colour is also important to your website. A light colored background with dark text is generally preferred: remember, simple is usually better. Consider again what the personality of your brand is when choosing the dominant colour of your website, and remember that colours like red can be used sparingly but to great effect when you want to draw a visitor's attention to important elements.

Over at ConversionXL Ott Niggulis considers which colour converts the best, and gives an excellent insight into the controversy and debate, particularly around "call to action" buttons. Niggulis says of test results that favour one colour button over another:

You look at those tests and results and you see amazing results that tell you that this color or that color converts the best.
That is, until you look closer. More often than not they reveal something similar e.g. there was no previous button or the button is just so much more prominent, it stands out from the rest of the page and thus converts way better.

Why have a logo at all?

Logos speak louder than words, and the ultimate success of a logo is to not need words at all to be recognisable. Consider Nike, McDonald's, and Apple: all three have evolved to exist simply and cleanly without a single word.

A logo makes your band memorable and unique in a way that your core values or mission statement never can. Care, thought and consideration should go into the right logo for your brand, and it should be as important as any part of your business.

According to a study published by Missouri University of Science and Technology, website visitors form a first impression in less than two-tenths of a second – and spend some of their longest time on a website looking at a company's logo.

A good logo doesn't need to cost a fortune

Consider the case of the London 2012 Olympics: a logo that was compared to looking like Lisa Simpson, it was widely mocked and considered a waste of money. On the other hand, Twitter have one of the most recognisable and famous logos of our current time, and was bought from a stock image site for $15. With Crazy Domains, you can get a professional logo designed in just 48 hours for less than $200.

How do you benefit?

An experiment cited on demonstrated that positive expectations gave users a related positive impression of a website. While in the experiment, users first read positive reviews, the same experience is given when users are greeted by a well-designed website – making users more forgiving of any later issues they might experience.


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