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Reseller API

simple, fast and robust

The API built for developers

Our industry standard SOAP based API is suitable for Design Firms, ISPs or Registrars.

The Crazy Domains API allows you to build web, mobile and desktop applications that integrate with your Reseller Account. It allows you to programmatically perform operations to search for domains, register domains, renew domain, purchase hosting and more.

  • Over 400+ Domains and 50+ Products
  • Unlimited Commands & Requests
  • Simple API Documentation
  • Integrate with Billing Applications
Crazy Domains Reseller APICrazy Domains Reseller API

All the features you need

With easy to understand commands and docs our reseller domain API is as easy as pie.

Reseller API

Crazy Domains API is an enterprise level solution that allows your organization, no matter its size, to easily integrate Crazy Domains directly into your business while maintaining your branding and unique look and feel.

Simple API code

The SOAP based API will give you all the power and flexibility to rapidly implement domain related functionality to your application in any programming language.

Live testing environment

We offer all resellers their own comprehensive live environment to test your application, making sure everything is what you expect before going public.

Fast and robust

Our API is extensible, easy to implement, and reliable. It has power with access to over 300+ commands with unlimited requests, while its simplified design makes implementation quick and easy.

Reseller control panel

The reseller control panel gives you a complete control to setup and manage your own customers with easy access to orders, payments, pricing, domains, hosting and products. Your customers will also have own management to manage their own domains and products under your account.

Fully licensed & accredited

Crazy Domains is an certified ICANN accredited registrar connected with the top level domain registries. Crazy Domains will continue to expand on the collection registries and new domain extensions, ensuring you always have the latest and greatest to sell.

24/7 Premium support

Our Dedicated Partner Channel offers you a 24/7 Premium Support service, who are always available to assist you with technical issues, promotion ideas and account management. We can also offer 24/7 support for your clients if required, so you can focus on growing your business, rather than supporting it.

Choose what to sell

You can select the products you want to make available to your customers through your storefront website. Sell one or all of our services, including:

  • Domain Names
  • Hosting Services
  • Website Builder
  • SSL Certificates
  • and much more...

API functionality currently extends only to domain names.

Set your own prices

Decide the pricing for YOUR products! You have total profit control-set your retail price for each and every product. No deposit, minimums or advance purchase required.

Email notifications

The notification agent will handle all email reminders for renewals and billing invoicing to your clients when required.

WHMCS integration

Fully supports WHMCS integration for billing and support solutions for resellers who like a different flavour of domain and hosting management.

Instant Activation

Get started instantly! Sign up below and your account will be activated within 48 hours. As a Crazy Domains reseller partner you will not only benefit from wholesale pricing but also from the Dedicated Partner Channel set in place to help you grow your business.

Your Brand
Your Price

This is your brand, your business. In terms of pricing, you are the boss as Crazy Domains remain "hidden" to your clients. These are your customers and we are your supplier.

It's a dream come true. Match this with our leading reseller platform, speedy drop-in storefront interface, and instant domain name approvals, and our competitors really have little to offer!

Wholesale direct pricing

We offer you unbelievable wholesale pricing across all domains and products.

Standard Reseller
.COM $28 $16
.COM.AU $21 $12
.CO.UK $28 $23
All TLD Domains ~ Save up to 50%
Hosting ~ Save up to 40%
Online Products ~ Save up to 40%

Choose from over
400+ Domains
Wholesale Prices

Choose from over
50+ Products
Wholesale Prices

Reseller plan includes

Control Panel
15300 Sign Up Now
Questions & Answers
How does the reseller API work?

When your customer makes a purchase, you use the Web service to submit the transaction to us. Our server authenticates your credentials, processes the transaction, and returns an XML response to you. Then, you provide confirmation, such as a receipt, to your customer. Note that you must have enough funds available in your pre-paid account with us to cover your customers’ transactions.

What's your commission payment process?

You can request payment anytime, commission payments are made the end of each calendar month. You will be required however to hold a retainer of $500.00 in your account to avoid a negative balance if a customer refund is needed.

How does your domain reseller API compare to others?

Our API beats the competition because it's simple documentation makes it easy. The API is powerful enough for enterprise use while being easy enough for small businesses to use. Our API is SSL encrypted, and employs the latest technologies to make sure it is reliable and secure.