Even with an array of marketing channels available today, email marketing remains essential to a digital marketing strategy. The real power of email marketing lies in its ability to provide businesses with an attractive ROI.

Let’s try to take a closer look at the impact of email marketing.

These statistics clearly indicate that a successful email marketing campaign can help businesses skyrocket ROI, generate qualified leads, and improve sales conversions.

But to accomplish that, you need to be careful in applying the right approach. With that, here’s a list of the top five types of email marketing campaigns you can use to start growing your email list.

Top 5 Email Campaigns You Should Be Doing

Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails_

Welcome emails help you make a positive first impression on your audience. As the name suggests, these are the first email subscribers received as soon as they sign up on your email list.

Tips in creating welcome emails:

  • Make sure your welcome emails are memorable and worth reading.
  • Welcome emails should be designed in a way that makes customers feel valued. One great way for you to do that is to send them an exciting offer when they sign up. It can be anything from a discount, free trial, or something similar to thank them for signing up.
  • Your email should be clear and concise. Let them see your personality right then and there.

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Newsletters are an excellent way to build brand awareness and loyalty among customers. They give an excellent opportunity for marketing teams to enhance engagement with their audience.

A well-written newsletter not only helps you drive more traffic to your website, but also increases your sales and social media community.

Tips in creating newsletters:

  • Whether you send your newsletters weekly, monthly, or quarterly, use them to inform subscribers of your most recent published content.
  • Leverage newsletters to highlight new promotions, offers, or events.
  • Use attractive images paired with a catchy headline, introduction, and CTA. This simple format will allow you to use visuals to entice readers in featuring multiple articles.

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Lead Nurturing Drip Campaigns

Lead Nurturing Drip Campaigns

Lead nurturing drip campaigns are another type of email marketing example that helps businesses roll out targeted content to subscribers —gently guiding them along the sales funnel.

They are incredibly useful in helping you follow up and re-engage with customers who got lost or stuck somewhere along the funnel.

Tips in creating newsletters:

  • Segment your list of customers in each stage of the buyer’s journey so you can easily reach out to them with specific resources that answer their unique questions and needs.
  • Have a customer relationship management (CRM) system setup that allows you to collect contact information from prospects.
  • Once you have sizeable data on your leads, use these information to qualify each lead based on factors such as demographics, budget, activity or interests, and buying stage.

Special Offer/Promotional Emails

Special Offer_Promotional Emails

Promotional emails primarily include offers that encourage your audience to buy a new product or service.

This type of email campaign is best for producing customer interest, excitement, and engagement.

Tips in creating promotional emails:

  • Use promotional emails to reward active subscribers with exclusive offers.
  • Your promotional email should identify the value and benefits it offers to the reader.
  • Use catchy, conversational, and compelling subject lines.

Invitation Emails

Invitation Emails1

Email can be a great tool for promoting an upcoming event your business will be hosting. If you want to invite your prospects to an event and motivate them to register, you need to give them a reason why that event is worth their attendance.

Tips in creating invitation emails effectively:

  • Include a detailed description of the event outlining exactly what your audience can expect from the event and what they will get from attending.
  • Place various social proof elements such as customer testimonials or expert reviews of your event in your campaigns to boost credibility.

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