Employee productivity is a key factor for businesses to operate and grow. A study shows that companies can expect a profit increase of 21% when their employees are highly engaged and productive.

There’s no denying the profit a productive business brings. With that, we have included Google Workspace to our growing list of products and services. Google Workspace is a powerful productivity tool ideal for businesses of every size.

Read on to find out what exciting things await you.

Meet Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly Gsuite, is a full suite of cloud-based business and productivity apps, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, and more.

Google Workspace is popular for its intuitive interface, simplifying team collaboration and allowing teams and individuals to improve their quality and quantity of work.

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Google Workspace and Crazy Domains: What to Expect

Enjoy a feature-filled tool with everything you need to work and collaborate with your team. Plus, you get reliable 24/7 customer support from Crazy Domains.

Here are exciting features you can look forward to:

1. Branded Emails

Get secure and personalised email accounts for your business and employees that come with advanced phishing and malware protection.

If you’re running a startup, you can opt for Business Plans and add up to 300 email users to your account. For larger organisations, Enterprise Plans are the best options that give you unlimited opportunities to add users.

2. Complete Set of Collaboration and Communication Tools

From scheduling and holding meetings to creating and sharing documents, do all of them in one unified platform efficiently through these tools:

  • Google Drive: Create, store, and share documents, images, presentations, sheets, etc. Leverage advanced Drive sharing permissions to secure your files.
  • Google Meet: Add up to 500 participants to your video meetings. Meet also enables you to screen share, record and transcribe meetings, and save them to Drive.
  • Google Docs, Slides, Sheets: Create and edit documents, presentations, and sheets with your team in real-time and automatically save changes.
  • Google Forms: Create surveys through Forms and easily gather data on Google Sheets.
  • Other apps: Google Chat, Calendar, Sites, Keep, App Script, Cloud Search, Jam Board, Vault

3. Robust Cloud Security and Management

Protect important business data with two-factor authentication, enforced SSL connections, data loss prevention (LDP), and endpoint management.

You also get a built-in alert centre that automatically notifies the admin of any potential security breaches so you can stop them in their tracks.

4. Comprehensive Work Insights

Know how your team members are using Google Workspace apps and how they collaborate.

Work Insights provide trends and statistics of your team’s work patterns across different apps. You can use this data to spot points that cause low productivity and improve your business workflow.

5. Get 24/7 Support

Crazy Domains’ award-winning customer support is always on available 24/7 to help you with any issues regarding your Google Workspace account. So, you and your team can keep collaborating and complete tasks on time.

You can reach us through our multiple contact channels.

6. Affordable plans

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, Crazy Domains offers different plans for your different business needs.

Check out our Google Workspace plans here.

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Take Teamwork to the Next Level with Google Workspace

Productivity impacts business growth. Improve your online workspace and efficiently nail projects by investing in a powerful productivity tool.

With the familiarity of Google and Crazy Domains’ brand of accessible customer support, your team is set to achieve all your business goals and more.