For businesses, having a website is more than a luxury. It’s now a must-have when you aim to survive and grow in the industry.

But a “website” is not enough. You need one that’s responsive, brandable, and user-friendly. That’s why your web design matters it can make or break your business’s overall success. In fact, 59% of people engage more with a beautiful and well-designed site than a simple one.

DIY websites can be an easy option for beginners just for the sake of having a website. However, there may come a time when you will need to work with a professional web designer to create a website that meets specific functions and features.

What Is Web Design Service and What to Expect?

Crazy Domains Web Design service allows you to build a fully functional and attractive website without the heavy lifting.

Our web design experts will create custom web pages based on your vision. They will have you fill out a creative brief to get to know exactly what you want so they can build your very own website.

No more lousy templates and countless drafts in creating your website. Make your reality better than your expectation by working with our web designers. They will discuss with you your objectives, come up with a strategic approach that ensures the best results, and put the plan into action.

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Perks of Getting a Professional Web Designer 

  • Quick and fluid website customisation based on customer feedback 
  • Powerful tools that template formats may not have 
  • Improved and dynamic UI that is unique and user-friendly 
  • Page customisation to feature important news about your business and new promotions 

Working with a designer is a way to separate yourself from the crowd and ensure that your website is giving you a greater ROI. Recognising and trusting their expertise is an essential step in the process of making sure everything is done right.

Web design offers two platform options: Website Builder and WordPress.

Read this article to know the difference between the two and which platform better suits your needs.

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Web Design Key Features

Know and understand these key features that go with our Web Design plans.  

  • Design Revisions. You’re entitled to a number of design changes, depending on your chosen plan. 
  • Images. Upload unlimited photos and graphics to your website. 
  • Stock Photos. Access premium stock photos. 
  • Google Maps. Direct customers to your office or physical store with Google Maps. 
  • Email Forms. Give visitors an easy way to contact you with forms that connect to your chosen email, so you get instant email updates.
  • Social Networking. Easily redirect visitors to your social media pages. You can link your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts on your website.
  • Mobile Responsive. Automatically optimise your website to look good on different screen sizes.
  • SSL. Our web design packages come with free SSL — keeping your website secure and trusted by visitors.
  • Ecommerce. Looking to build an online store? Choose our Ecommerce Design package. Sell products, set up payment and shipping options, and more with our all-in-one eCommerce builder platform.

Which Platform to Choose

There are two platforms you can choose from to build your website – Crazy Domains Website Builder and WordPress. Choosing which one is best for you depends on your specific needs and requirements. To help you, here’s a quick overview of each platform.

Crazy Domains Website Builder

Website Builder is beginner-friendly and easy to grasp from the get-go. It’s best for non-complex, basic websites. It’s intuitive and more manageable, making website building a breeze with its drag-and-drop feature. No coding skills are required!


WordPress offers greater creative freedom and customisation which makes it the best option for websites with complex requirements. It’s also ideal if you plan to scale online. But you may need a bit of technical know-how to manage and update your website.

Crazy Domains Website Builder vs WordPress

You’re in Good, Expert Hands

Overall web design and development process can be difficult, requiring special skills, experience, and time. Letting our web designers do the magic for you will expedite the process and would be a significant factor in providing a seamless experience for your customers.

You don’t have to do it all, the experts got you. Work with a dedicated web designer and achieve that dream website in just a few clicks.