The only constant thing in the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) is change.  

Each year, search engines make hundreds or thousands of changes to their algorithm. In 2020 alone, Google made 4,500 improvements to Search. While some changes are small, there are others that noticeably impact search results. 

The cold hard truth is many business and website owners don’t have the time and the expertise to keep up with the changes. This is when hiring SEO experts comes into play. 

Crazy Domains Managed SEO provides all of this and more. You get a dedicated SEO specialist that will take care of all aspects of your SEO, including using relevant keywords, analysing competitor websites, and creating optimised content for your website.  

We’ll handle your SEO campaigns while you focus on running your business. 

Managed Seo In 5 Steps

We Do It for You: Key Features of a Successful SEO Campaign

Keyword Research

During the keyword research phase, we will gather high-traffic keyword terms and phrases based on your target locale, products and services, industry competition, and business goals. These keywords become the foundation for creating a successful SEO strategy. 

Ultimately, keyword research helps you better understand your target audience and guides you in creating content that will be useful to them. 

Recommended Keywords

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Content Creation 

To get your website to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to produce high-quality content. And high-quality content doesn’t only mean a well-written piece. This refers to long-form content that answers your audience’s most pressing questions.  

By using the keywords and phrases we gathered, we’ll make sure to produce content that resonates with your audience and provides a solution to their problem.  

This will, in turn, increase your credibility with search engines and drive profitable traffic to your site. 


One of the best ways to show search engines that you’re a credible source is to connect with other sites that are related to your niche.  

With a list of reputable sites, we’ll write compelling and unique content backed up with reputable sources from websites with high domain authority (DA). This way, your audience gets only fact-checked and authentic content. In turn, you’ll be able to get on Google’s good side.

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We want to keep you in the loop on all the progress your campaign is making.  

Every month, your SEO specialist will provide you with a detailed report of the work we’ve done so far along with the results. 

Tracking SEO results not only helps measure your success. You get to identify what’s working with your campaign and how you can improve moving forward. 

Quarterly Performance Reports Parameters

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting for You 

Optimising your website doesn’t have to take so much of your time nor does it have to be difficult. With the help of SEO experts managing your campaigns, you can have peace of mind knowing your website stays on top of the SEO game. 

If your business needs a reliable SEO partner to fully manage your SEO, get in touch today or check our Managed SEO services. We guarantee a plan that is tailored to your business needs and will rank you at the top.

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