Easily connect with people online with a .link domain.

“Link” is a familiar term among online users. This makes your website relatable and stirs up your audience’s interest.

Plus.link is a generic domain so it works for any niche. Whether you’re an F&B businessa consultancy, or an online retaileryou can build a network through a dedicated website with a .link domain.

Whatever you have in mind, .link makes your website a relevant and credible online source. 

Why Use a .LINK Domain for Your Business Website

Brings high brand recall

Brings high brand recall_

Brand recall is crucial for businesses to build and grow a loyal customer base. And being in a competitive market, you need your brand to be top-of-mind as much as possible.

That’s why .link makes an excellent option when you want to build an online space. It’familiar, shortand snappy, making your business website easy to remember.

So, whenever a customer conducts an online search in your niche, you get greater chance to be one of their first options.

Sets you apart from your competitors

Sets you apart from your competitors_Using .link domain gives you a unique online identity, making your brand stand out among your competitors and from the crowded .com community.

It gives your website a personalised touch, delivering a message that you’re serious about your business. In result, you gain your customers’ trust.

Also, it would give online users the impression that you value establishing connections, not just with business partners but also with your customers.

Gives you better opportunity to be creative

Gives you a better opportunity to be creative_

A catchy web address can leave a strong impact on your users. By getting a .link domain, it would be easy to come up with a quirky yet brandable domain name.

Also, iyour brand name has the word “link” in it, you don’t need other domain extensions, such as .com or .au. You can just use .link, making your web address shorter and more memorable.

For instance, if you’re in the telecommunications industry, up.link makes a catchy and relevant domain name. Or if you want to build an online forumopenopinion.link might work well for you.

You can also check out this example from Chainlink.

Makes the best alternative to your .com

Makes the best alternative to your .com_

It’s no doubt that a lot of websites are already using a .com top-level domain. 

In factmore than half of the websites worldwide are using it. With that in mind, imagine how tight the competition to be rememberedAnthere’s a high chance your desired .com domain isn’t available anymore. 

If this happens, you can get the equivalent .link domain. It’s also generic like .com, making it easy to use whatever the purpose of your website may be. 

Or if you have an existing domain, better get the equivalent .link to save yourself from any trademark issues that may arise in the future.

Lets you build connections easily

Lets you build connections easily_

Having a .link domain gets you closer to customers and anyone from your industry. It quickly shows you’re willing to connect.

You can build a network to share and gain industry insights to grow your business. At the same time, you’re boosting your SEO by creating a strong backlink portfolio.

It’s easier to do link building when you’ve established connections within your industry. Not to mention you’ll be backlinked by websites with the same target persona as yours, expanding your source of traffic.

.link your brand with customers

Connect with people and promote your products and services through a credible .link domain. It doesn’t only separate your brand from the rest but also leaves a great lasting impression to your customers. 

Claim your online space today.

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